Friday, February 7, 2014


I have been on the watch out for suitable landed house for some time now. Preferably near to our current apartment, since we grew accustomed to the surroundings. With the current inflation in the country, there's no reason to wait anymore. Property prices rise too fast. Was looking at BK4 and BK5, bandar kinrara but the prices are sky high and do not telly with house built-up. After months of searching online, finally came to this unit, at Taman Tempua, big built up at reasonable price. The only catch is, the house is in a relatively bad condition. Wooden window frames are rotting, roof tiles are broken with traces of water leakage, toilets water proofing worn off, floor parquet is also rotting and many other instances not worth mentioning. After some consideration, I still think it's a good buy. There is just endless potential, just have to dump in money for renovations!!!Haha Looks like i am reviving this blog with the renovation journey of our new house we call home.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

24 weeks

24 weeks now. how time flies.

maybe the vomiting and discomfort make time goes faster. i have gone through ups and downs, it didn't bother me one bit now.

all i have to do is keep my mind focus on the good stuff....two babies! ( gender not confirmed at this time)

back pain doesn't matter, swollen feet is nothing. stomach pain is just a sign of babies growing inside and their warm home is expanding! blood pressure is more regular and bosses are accommodating, only giving me desk tasks.

the way i see it, life's good so far!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saturday, February 28, 2009

how to be frugal

not that i m trying to make anyone depressed, but the economy is really going down south.

i made a few adjustments to my lifestyle and i am sharing with everyone:-

1. i changed my broadband package to 'streamyx combo', took the lowest package which is rm60. my previous package is rm44 for 60 hours, which on top of that i need to pay rm29 for the phone line rental. the savings is not much but i get unlimited access instead of 60 hours monthly.

2. the same for mobile phone, i usually cant finish the talk time, so i downgrade my package. it's also wise to sub the line to spouse. cos it's usually free to call and sms to yr sub line.

3. i cook and eat at home as frequent as i can. my cooking is improving. eating out is limited to weekends.

4. i try not to go too far for lunches or dinners with friends. it sucks but first, i get to save and second, i lower my risk of being robbed or carjacked.

5. i buy clothes from warehouse. FOS is my fav. but i am very choosy. only buy good material. cos some are not that good. rm100 can get me 3 or 4 outfits. i am becoming a warehouse junkie. i also surf and weekly to see if there is anythong interesting, and cheap, of course.

6. i restrained myself from getting a new phone/ PDA. lets see how long i can last. (i failed at my previous obsession, LCD TV!!)

7. for this year, i say no to traveling overseas. it will be more to local trips. i swap timeshares with friends. i m bored with my hotel network, they are bored with theirs, so it's win-win.

and beginning this year, i m managing my finances better.....

8. i put in more money in my study loan repayment. there is this saying 'settle debts before saving'. i try to clear my credit card every month (tried very very hard)

9. i put a small amount into unit trust regularly, to dollar cost average, and it i have more, i will put in more, considering the values is low now. and hoping that it will go up in two to three years.

and for the environment,

10, i try to bring a shopping bag when i am out. i refuse to take a plastic bag if i only buy one or two item. just toss them in the hand bag.

there u go.......10 big steps for the year 2009

auction property?

bank negara had just announced another drop is the base lending rate. i am not a economist, i simply take the news as 'banks lowering interest rates'.

as a saver or a investor, the person will complain. now the fixed deposit rate has gown down to 2.5% p.a. which is very bad. and during such time, who dares to invest in the share market? considering prices of shares are way too erratic. some owners may even take their company private. some may close down like those in the united states.

for those who borrow to buy properties, i am so happy for them. the BLR has decreased from 6.74% to 5.55% now. this make a huge difference in their home loan repayment. borrowers can either shorten their loan term by continue paying the previous monthly repayment amount or maintain the repayment term but reduce the repayment amount monthly. if there is no change in income, i strongly advise to reduce the repayment term.

there are some who sees opportunity in this down time, fishing for property in auctions. so sad to hear that so many have lost their jobs and had to give up their homes. first i had a colleague who keep a look out for shop lots and another friend, looking for apartment. being curious i keep a lookout too. funny thing is, only 'news straits times' had such ads on auction properties. my usual paper, 'the star' does not have much ads.

just a few days ago, i saw one double storey terrace in seremban 3, selling for rm130k. it's way below the market price. and i saw an apartment in kelana jaya selling for 150k. both are simply 20%-30% below market value. slurps!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new year message

i receive this articles from a fwd email. maybe it was published in a newspaper. i find it very meaningful especially at this time when everyone i know is planning on how to spend their yearly bonus. some received very good ones while some received none.

Words of Wisdom from Lee Kuan Yew's Daughter

By Lee Wei Ling

In 2007, in an end-of-year message to the staff of the National Neuroscience Institute, I wrote: 'Whilst boom time in the public sector is never as booming as in the private sector, let us not forget that boom time is eventually followed by slump time. Slump time in the public sector is always less painful compared to the private sector.'

Slump time has arrived with a bang.

While I worry about the poorer Singaporeans who will be hit hard, perhaps this recession has come at an opportune time for many of us. It will give us an incentive to reconsider our priorities in life.
Decades of the good life have made us soft. The wealthy especially, but also the middle class in Singapore, have had it so good for so long, what they once considered luxuries, they now think of as necessities.

A mobile phone, for instance, is now a statement about who you are, not just a piece of equipment for communication. Hence many people buy the latest model though their existing mobile phones are still in perfect
working order. A Mercedes-Benz is no longer adequate as a status
symbol. For millionaires who wish to show the world they have taste, a Ferrari or a Porsche is deemed more appropriate.

The same attitude influences the choice of attire and accessories. I still find it hard to believe that there are people carrying handbags that cost more than thrice the monthly income of a bus driver, and many more times that of the foreign worker labouring in the hot sun, risking his life to construct luxury condominiums he will never have a chance to live in.

The media encourages and amplifies this ostentatious consumption.
Perhaps it is good to encourage people to spend more because this will prevent the recession from getting worse. I am not an economist, but wasn't that the root cause of the current crisis - Americans spending more than they could afford to?

I am not a particularly spiritual person. I don't believe in the supernatural and I don't think I have a soul that will survive my death.
But as I view the crass materialism around me, I am reminded of what my mother once told me: 'Suffering and deprivation is good for the soul.'

My family is not poor, but we have been brought up to be frugal. My parents and I live in the same house that my paternal grandparents and their children moved into after World War II in 1945. It is a big house by today's standards, but it is simple - in fact, almost to the point of being shabby.

Those who see it for the first time are astonished that Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's home is so humble. But it is a comfortable house, a home we have got used to. Though it does look shabby compared to the new mansions on our street, we are not bothered by the comparison.

Most of the world and much of Singapore will lament the economic downturn. We have been told to tighten our belts. There will undoubtedly
be suffering, which we must try our best to ameliorate. But I
personally think the hard times will hold a timely lesson for many Singaporeans, especially those born after 1970 who have never lived through difficult times.

No matter how poor you are in Singapore, the authorities and social groups do try to ensure you have shelter and food. Nobody starves in
Singapore. Many of those who are currently living in mansions and
enjoying a luxurious lifestyle will probably still be able to do so, even if they might have to downgrade from wines costing $20,000 a bottle to $10,000 a bottle. They would hardly notice the difference.

Being wealthy is not a sin. It cannot be in a capitalist market economy.
Enjoying the fruits of one's own labour is one's prerogative and I have no right to chastise those who choose to live luxuriously.

But if one is blinded by materialism, there would be no end to wanting and hankering. After the Ferrari, what next? An Aston Martin? After the Hermes Birkin handbag, what can one upgrade to?

Neither an Aston Martin nor an Hermes Birkin can make us truly happy or contented. They are like dust, a fog obscuring the true meaning of life, and can be blown away in the twinkling of an eye.

When the end approaches and we look back on our lives, will we regret the latest mobile phone or luxury car that we did not acquire? Or would we prefer to die at peace with ourselves, knowing that we have lived lives filled with love, friendship and goodwill, that we have helped some of our fellow voyagers along the way and that we have tried our best to leave this world a slightly better place than how we found it?

We know which is the correct choice - and it is within our power to make that choice.

In this new year, burdened as it is with the problems of the year that has just ended, let us again try to choose wisely.
To a considerable degree, our happiness is within our own control, and we should not follow the herd blindly.

The writer is director of the National Neuroscience Institute.

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 new year's trip

cute DIY doll at hb's aunt's garden at raub

golden nuts in front of the sempalit groundnuts factory in raub

soupsop at fruit stall at raub


juicy jambu

swiss garden kuantan entrance

kuantan famous seafood restaurant,pak su. their signature dish is stuffed crab, as shown in picture.

fish fillet with ginger and spring onion

steamed special taufoo

sambal prawn

salted egg crab, my favourite

dinner was too nice

after a few drinks

making mtv at the beach

family pic before leaving for home

morning walk at teluk cempedak

hb and i

still loving after so many years

ikan bilis

dried oyster

salted fish

seafood shop on the way back to KL

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Xmas @ Penang

on the way back to KL, we saw a cloud shaped like an elephant

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Xmas is coming

yeay! Xmas is coming!

xmas deco at ikano

xmas @ the curve

sunway pyramid