Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dinner @ SMei's

Over the weekend, we are invited to smei's house (pronounced as sssshhmei) to caleb her house-warming. her place is nice and cozy. a two room apmt at sungai besi (i was misleaded to think it was at sri petaling). the living is huge, to my envy. hehehe. hers is 13 feet wide and her lorenzo tv rack and coffee table sit nicely in her living. if i were to buy the same stuff, ppl might have to walk on top of the coffee table to get to other side.

everyone jolly

meet shui best boyfriend. there...the one in red shirt. charming guy.

everyone seems enjoying their dinner

smei serve us health food. bless her.

curry chicken, put on fried mee hoon, nice!

nuggets dipped in curry sauce, sluuuurrrps

the food was superb. someone here lazy to move after dinner.
thanks smei for the nice dinner. i come more often ah, for free dinner.

tak tong chiang

it's monday, the office is almost full, colleagues came back to work from their long CNY holidays. some are still on leave though. poor me, i saved two days leave by coming in earlier last week.

my company organised a lion dance today. we do it yearly to usher in the new year, to bring new luck into the workplace.

a group of guys, sometimes with girls will come in their red t shirt and black pants bringing their music instruments and of course, the 'lions'. when everyone is ready, they will start druming like everyone is deaf and the lion, from sitting position will wake up and start coming into the office.

the lions will visit every corner of the office. sometimes shaking their ass at yr table. mind you, they shake as good as shakira.

then we 'feed' the lions some vege and pomelo.

the white lion is naughty and decided to eat the food without the yellow brother.

the yellow brother have to find food somewhere else.

he saw one vege hanging outside and decided to eat it. no pomelo for the late comer. my boss is making sure the lions finish their food. good table manners he said.

a very big thank you to ms. yau and irene for preparing the lion and the lion food. heheheh.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

reunion dinner

every year, my convent classmates will have a reunion, on the 3rd or 4th of the lunar calender. then, everyone will dress like a bird, in their pheragamos, fradas, puccis, LOVs and choos...heheheh. some are cladded in tiffanies, tomeis, poh-kongs, korean n thailand stock (by smei of course) hahaha.

wow. ms chinese international pageant

ok. i think pink is not my color.

colgate advertisement

1,2,3, everyone in front, squat!

Monday, February 26, 2007


over the month of january and february, we organised many gatherings at our new place. old people say, new house must have many ppl in it to warm the house.

1st gathering was with my girl friends of course. they are an asset to me. (loose, stop sleeping when ppl take photo!)

we had steamboat dinner which dont require much prep work. we had tom yam and clear soup. yum yum

i made another steamboat session for my fellow colleagues. they are a bomb, most of them turned up. and we 'open table' after dinner. i think they are most interested in this activity.

3rd session was of course with bill's relative, on second day of CNY. the head count is near to 30. some have to sit at the balcony. luckily it was not raining outside. MIL cook meehoon and curry chicken while i fried some finger food, fries, cocktail hotdogs and nuggets. bill tapau KFC and satay.

bill's aunty whom came fully made-up for the event. thanks.

new pop sensation, TWINS2.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

ROM-paper works???

this is a cheat entry. i decided to post my ROM pics here for friends to view. my ROM was on the 31st dec 2006. we wanted to make it a small event. we are keeping the chinese ceremony the major thing.

our ROM was held in this Marriage Registrar's home in Section 17, PJ. why we choose this over Tin Hau temple? well, because bill wanted in on sunday, so he doesnt have to skip work and i wanted in on the same day as my parents' wedding which is 31st dec and falls on a SUNDAY. hehe. a bit of give and take, and we ended up in this guy's home.

wow. i am so happy.

bill hesitated for a while. thinking twice.

price giving ceremony.

happily married new couple

thanks a lot for the time, guys. becoming our witness.
thanks to my sisters, who make time to attend.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


On the friday before my ROM, my dear friends had a bachelorette night (hens night) for me. we had dinner at paddington waffles, the curve. we had a blast sharing our meals. because i think it is a sin to indulge in something so sweet (and fattening) it makes everyone excited when the food arives.

group picture of everyone. we headed to 'laundry' to have some cocktails.

all the leng luis

special thanks to sheryl who made the trip all the way from seremban.

Friday, February 23, 2007

new year, new home.

woo hoo, it's friday....... today i m going into gear one of bloging. i decided to backdate some issue and post it here.

argh...... i m not planning to do anything in the office today even thought i m expected to finish framing (laying out the skeleton of the building) 7 types of bungalows. i dont understand developer sometimes, and i dont understand buyers too. if u r want a bungalow, buy a piece of land and build it yourself. u can have it in any shapes and size u want. hire some indon workers and viola u have your bungalow. but no....they want their money to be earned by developers, to mass produce the houses and to charge u an arm and leg for it. might as well buy terrace house, rather than a terraced bungalow. hehehe.

let's not talk about work. it makes me depressed. today i m going to show off my CNY decorations. just got my apartment on the 1st jan thanks to hubby bill whom obligated bought a second property after our first one is abandoned by the developer. * again! making the same mistake as other buyers, too much hope and trust on developers* let's not look back shall we?

we have been spending like nobody's business on furnitures and so forth. when we got the place it was like wreck. i think all second hand homes are like this.

hey at least i got a nice solid pine kitchen cabinet they left behind. not FOC my friend, they charge us 15k for the stuff they left behind, cleverly advertised as 'semi-furnished'.

there's this cabinet and two other built-in wardrobes in master room and room 2. they even left behind a nice looking indoor plant in the living. the place is small eh? good enough to ward off nosy relatives (and in-laws) who like to visit for no apparent reason.

now, let me show u the end product after i sold one of my kidneys to furnish the place *kidding*

actually bill sold his. hahaha.

i couldnt find a nicer picture showing my living. this one is flawed by the laundry i hang outside at the balcony.

there u go. new year, new home, new begining.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


a very warm welcome to all my readers. i start working today, the 5th day of the chinese lunar calender. or else i will be still either be in bed or in one of my friends' house gambling.

i start this blog with no purpose, maybe because i m physically at work but mentally somewhere else. (boss is not around, so heck it)

i think those who read my blog will mainly be my close friends, i have no intention to grandmother story about who i am, where i came from , etc.

now that i started a blog, i think i might have to stick a camera to my hand wherever i go like other bloggers. (or else, ppl will stop visiting my site! d'oh)

lastly i want to wish every one a happy chinese new year. hope u 'nien nien you yu'. (everyday got fish!!!) hope this new year of boar bring in aplenty of wealth and health.