Saturday, March 31, 2007

All things white and beautiful

My wedding is three months away..........3 months....90 days......not too long and not too short away either.

let's check what my fh and i have done so far:

1. booked the restaurant and paid the deposit
2. printed the invitation cards and waitting for the delivery of the products
3. did the studio photo shoot

picture from david chua

talking about the photo shoot, i am so so so anxious to view the photo. i have no choice but to hold myself down, gritting my teeth until the day come. two weeks! how am i going to spend these two weeks.

i found a new hobby. i surf on wedding pictures. real pictures, by real couples and real events. there are plenty on the internet. and in malaysia, people like to follow trend. last time doing studio is a big hoo hah. now they are blowng their trumpet on event photograhy. to name a few famous event photograpers are the likes of david chua, grant corban, andy lim and kid chan. almost all of them have their own official website. and they actually post their clients photo up. both for their clients' convenience and to promote their WORK at the same time.

mind you, event photography come with a price. other than photograpers' fees, there is also abortive and unsatisfactory works. not all people looks good LIVE. on the more positive note, it does bring back memories when u look back at the album after 20 years. the album usually covers everything from the groom picking up the bride in the morning until the dinner event at night. the whole album became very PERSONALISED.

david's bridal

my another favourite site is david's bridal. i m to lazy to link it here. it's ang moh site. ang moh usually buy or custom make their wedding gown. surprisingly, my mum custom made hers also. deep inside i am very very tempted to do so too. loves their gown, simple an elegent, loves how they add colors to it. i might adopt this on my actual day gown. there are so many designs. this site can keep me busy for a few weeks.

david's bridal women

there is a small section in this site for plus sized ladies. i m so envious of them. but i am still grateful that i can find gowns my size locally. i am totally in love in those V necks. but after a quotations from local boutique, my face fell to the ground. after sleepless nites, i realised i can do so much more with that money so i decided to give it a pass.

Friday, March 30, 2007

THe DaY!!

the DAY has come. no!!!! not the WEDDING day,the PHOTOSHOOT day. sorry for the false alarm.

my nails with manicure, i dont have long nails, this is the best they can do with it. well, i dont mind...really. i was very happy after the manicure........ french based, without the white tips ( my nails not long enough!)

bill during the make up session. ampoules and foundation only. not full set. heheh. but the make-up artiste (MUA) did his hair, some gel and some hair color.

my MUA, christie. she is nice and efficient, before i sit down she started already. i was still in sleeping mode. hehehei slept until late this morning. we arrived at 10, had breakfast. but still in blur stage.

this is how i look after make-up. my darling hubby spent most of the time on the couch resting (more like sleeping)while waitting for me to finish make-up and hairdo. to my dissapointment, (and everyone else's) he did not take any photo of me during the prep time.
the photo preview is on 15th of april. during the photoshoot, we are not allowed to see the preview on the camera. firstly it will delay the whole process and secondly the photograper say i will feel de-motivated if i didn't like what i saw. he asked to leave the artworks to them. artworks as in photoshop lor.............
PS: i m keeping my fingers crossed.......


one of my close friend, smei has officially open her jewellery shop. the address of her shop is:

96, 1st Floor,
City Bazaar Plaza Complex,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Kuala Lumpur.

if u r wondering where is the place, it is near Sogo.

Jewel offers many choices of assecsories. for all occasions, dating with bf la, for working la, for dinners and even picnic outings...and weddings.......hehehhe

when u reach City Bazar , please make sure u step inside to have a look yah.....

maybe u can even catch a glimpse of the two beautiful owners, for make up tips.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Anxiety is totally stressful. i have three more days to the bridal shots at WP. two days if u dont count THE day, and one day if u dont count TODAY!

what am i talking here? late yesterday night when i was watching movie with hubby i suddenly have a panic attack, i realised that two of my evening gowns look similar but only different in color. the gown selection was like donkey days ago, and it hits me right in the head, hard but precise. how can i have two gowns with similar design in an album.........

WP is so charging me for last minute changes!!!!

early in the morning i bombed a few friends' email asking them for their opinions. deep inside i can never ever, never will, never want to have two similar gowns in my wedding album.

panic attack #2: i dont have long fingernails!!!!!!! how to manicure??? how to have nail design???? ' nails ah nails pls grow longer in these two day!!!!'

panic #3: $hi* i have one mega pimple below my mouth!!!!! of all the days in this 365 calender year???

i might sound crazy right now, wait till it's your turn to be shot at bridal studio. it is freaking my two months pay to get this album!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

10 years and look at us now

wow, i receive so many feedback for my previous entry. some say they look 'ugly' last time, some say look like soh poh. we cant really change the past............if we can i would really like to reverse the effect of course.

ten years, and look at us now.........

there is nothing to be ashame of............

time does not change the way we smile at the camera when someone is taking picture............ (some might have perfected the skill though)

more mature, more ladylike.

we still keep in touch with those who came back from far.
i dont see any soh poh here..............

all except me. haha. click the prev entry and look again.............. and again......and again.........still the same.....the closeness is still the same.........

Nostalgia @ the beach

Over the years, my friends and i love the beach. or we can only afford to go to the beach. er....nope, we still go to the beach....maybe further only like bali or phuket.

i didnt meant to post this entry and focus on the beach actually, i was looking for photos to do a slide for my wedding banquet. there are more photos coming soon, as i will continue posting them here, nicely categorized i think.

this was taken when we are still in secondary school. i cant remember, maybe form 5? we took bus i think. most of us have no driving licence yet.

we stayed in michelle's dad's time sharing. playing with sun lotion?

or experimenting whose legs look nicer with white spots?

ok, confirm we took bus to port dickson.

we still love PD, this is when i m was in form six. we can drive now.

this was taken during my cousin visit, i brought them and my sisters along. in a small towm like seremban, my siblings are my friends' siblings. hehe

wow. love this photos. check out my CURVES. (sorry EX-curves)

this was taken in pulau redang. when we finished form 6. we hire one whole bus, my hair was sooooo innocent.

the difference between sook mei and i are still not bad yet. if i stand next to her today, i look like a giant!! hehe

hehehe, for every trip must take a solo photo one.
there u go folks, more pictures coming up.
PS: to all my convent friends, i will cherish the time we had forever.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


every few months, if it rains heavily, my office area will be flooded. the staff are so used to the ritual that it is yesterday's news. i took one hour and 15 mins to reach office today. usually i took only 20 mins. i m half an hour late when i clocked in. i think my boss wont mind since it is 'flood day'

this pic shows the road in front of my office building. not many ppl park in front of the office. when i arrive, the water subsided so i was thinking, y not! some of my colleagues park on higher ground beside the main road. i have never seen this road so empty. usually we have to kill each other to get a car park.

i think today for lunch, we better go to kg subang for bkt. dont feel confortable eating nearby the office. so dirty everywhere.

speaking of food, yesterday dinner, went for japanese with bill. it have been some time since we eat out. i m sick of cooking and he is sick of my cookings. we were scouting around puchong area for dinner. at the end we came to bandar puteri. there is two rows of shops beside citibank. there are so many choices, korean, japanese, poridge steamboat and even pakistani food.

we chose one japanese restaurant. they serve shabu (steamboat). we took their buffet promotion at rm48 per person. they dont have a buffet spread but u can order whatever is on the menu. we ended up eating 25 plates of sushi and sashimi. the food was delicious and it was served fresh and some, hot. better than restaurant X in mid valley. u all shd know what i m talking about.
the name of this place is wawiwa? i m not sure. wiwiwawa?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

chinesey clubhouse

just to make myself feel proud, i post these images of the project i m doing. maybe when i m old and wobbly and i check back this blog, i knew what i have done in my younger days. (god knows if google will let me keep this entry for so long)

this is the bird eye view of the cluhouse i m designing.

roof with a hole in the middle? i hope i know what i m doing. i dont want to endanger anyone's life here.

another scenic view of the clubhouse

rc roof on columns without beams, i m still figuring how to do this thing.

the chinese features in this clubhouse. remind me of forbidden city. wanted to go there for honeymoon.

the teahouse, one of the 10 buildings in the clubhouse. this project will keep me busy until end of this month i think. rushing like a mad cow.........
* all images are courtesy of GSD architect, with reserved rights.


7 early 8 early got blackout in the office. ppl rushing project la. this is the main reason y i hvnt been posting for so long. rushing one bungalow village, very luxurious village indeed. in kajang country heights, the price of one unit, i think, if i work three lifes also cannot afford la. i m given the task to do the clubhouse tht attracts buyers esp in the high society to buy the bungalows here. the arc adopted chinese style in the clubhouse. with chinese wing wall and stuff. if u dont know wht i m talking about, try imagine those old tvb shows with gazebo on top of a mountain, and those huge circle door at the backyard of a house.

jv lee and wee still working eventhough the office is dark. i nicely sit ard and read magazines. dont spoil market la both of u.

Monday, March 19, 2007

invi cards

i didnt know choosing invi cards can be a hassle too. but a friend told me it is not worth arguing over, because it is so insinigficant. cos the invi cards are just for informing ppl the time and venue of the wedding dinner. my beloved hb decided to go print without me and from the printing shop, sms me a website to choose.

the website is in case anyone is interested to do some card printing.

this one is conventional, simple and nice.

the 'hei' word on this is too small

hb choosen this one. so vain. got rose

i m torn between this one and the first one.