Monday, April 30, 2007

I can't sleep

i can't sleep last night. i dont know how long i rolled and tumbled on my bed. when i woke up the next morning my head felt like it has been run over by a lorry. ish.....*touch wood*

mental note to myself "no more coffee after lunch!!!"

i came back to puchong from hometown seremban yesterday. it was dem jam. there was an accident between the PD exit and the Seremban Labu exit involving three cars and one motorcycle. i saw two bodies on the floor covered with newspaper. i think they can't move the bodies until the CSI team arrives.

ok back to the inmsonia topic, after dinner, we visited HB's cousin......again! * almost every weekend!*

he is making us nervous, keep telling us how near our wedding is and how much more we need to prepare for it. how fast we should distribute the invitations and etc. before this i was very relaxed, bringing along those cards when go out for dinners or drinks. it occured to me that i cannot keep seeing the same persons!!!! everytime i went out i didnt really give out much. because the ppl i hang out with are the same persons!!! hahahah

then at night, i keep thinking about what he said to us. like a broken record (CD in this centruy!)over and over aagin! maybe that causes the panic! i keep reminding myself to scan the invitation and to email to friends that are overseas first. maybe i remind myself too frequent and too many times until i can't sleep.

this morning i send out the most emails and made the most phone calls i have ever made in this few years.........

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Long weekend

finally, a weekend that i dont have to work! tuesday and wednesday are public holidays. i thought i can take monday off and have a super long weekend. but too bad, my boss threw a fit and 'encouraged' us to work on monday.

what to do, no choice lor since the whole office is busy right now. i hope my next year bonus is a reflective one.

sheryl came back from singapore and we had a long dinner. it have been so long since we last catch up. of course i see her now and then but didnt get to do the one on one chats. thanks for your time, gal! anyway, keep up the 'balanced diet' it really works. looking good!!!!

i took this opportunity to send out some invitations to hometown friends. some came back this weekend, some didn't. but since the DAY is two months away, i was thinkiing 'what the heck' , plenty of time!

my parents missed me a lot. i didnt come home since last month. i spend the entire sat buming around, most of the time spent on the bed! ( no dirty thoughts here!) i was napping. when i come back from the invi cards distribution thingy, my sister told me my mum wanted to chat with me. ooooh.......ok i will save it for tomorrow, sunday!

then late evening i head back to kl, back to reality! back to 12 hours of sitting in front of the PC!!!! argh......

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buzy Bee

it have been a buzy really! busy month.....not really short, been busy since CNY la. this year is a good year for construction. everyone is launching new property for sales. i dunno what the frenzy is about.

as for my wedding preparation, i have started to distribute some invitations. to those close ones because they wont forget. people told me that if i distribute too early they tend to forget about it.

i am waitting for my wedding album to be ready. friends are asking for it also. maybe my anxiety has been covered with work schedule so didnt pay much attention to it anymore.......

contractors have been chasing for drawings and some for claims. there are numerous meetings to attend to and N numbers of site problems to solved. luckily for me, i have supportive colleagues and bosses......

Friday, April 20, 2007

Another farewell

another one my coll left this week. what a sad week. the staff turnover in my office is so high tht i m starting to forget names. this time is our beloved receptionist is leaving us to a better prospect.

sya with ms goh.............can enter colgate contest

linda and sya...linda presenting our farewell card

first floor citizen with sya. too bad no one hold the camera for me. if not, i can be inside too.

ok. as usual. one final one. must be me with sya lor......

sya, thanks for everything. u have been a sweet person.......and able recognize my voice when i ask for something.

do keep in touch ok!

Diet Spoiler

Diet spoiler? apa tu? it means some meals tht spoil your slimming plan. no offense to my dear friends who organised the outing. it's me who cant resist a good hearthy filling meal.

i love outings. i get to see someones else in my daily mundane routine. and i get to keep myself update to the latest news and gossips.

i miss the times when we can have guiltless fun, with the presence of liquor. now is like just dinner and go home at 10.00pm. latest by 10.30. what happened?

we know very well if we drink or get drunk on weekdays we will suffer and become a zombie at work the very next. work in kl is not exactly as portrayed in 'the sex and the city'.

firstly, we dont have tht much clothes in our closets (and shoes). then, we really have to work. not act as if working! real work (have i seen carrie typing in this movie (or structural design)?

ok, enough of complaining! another new job came this morning. two units of bungalows needed to be constructed A S A P as show units to boost the sales while the KLSE is still in the UP direction!

PS: someone in the office is leaving and guess what i have for lunch! another diet spoiler!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rotate PC day

this is my old pc. i dunno how old is this thing. but it has served me well. the set come with a 14 inch monitor and not even flat screen. i have to put a thick book ( 2 inch) under it so i dont strain my neck looking at it.

it must be my lucky day. the IT decided to rotate (note: not replace with new) my pc. hehehe. i get a newer (not new) one from previous more senior colleague who left the company. notice the same monitor? they only replace my CPU! =(

it runs faster and on top of that, he left some very useful spreadsheet inside. and some letter templates. see!!! good things dont really just come in a box (as in newly arrived from the supplier/pc shop!!!!)

**hehehe....trying to make myself happy**

Monday, April 16, 2007

Evon's last day

Today, 16th of April 2007 is Evon's last day in JPT. It will be a great loss to the company. she has been working here for almost 14 years. since before she got married and have children.

evon @ work. a very hardworking staff

wcloh with evon

goh tp with evon

tj teh with evon

wee with evon

jv lee with evon

and finally me with evon.........
all the best evon if u happen to visit my blog.........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bumbu bamboo

What is bumbu? does it mean hut? i have no idea......but this place is pretty well known. i got to know about it from sleng. she stays in cheras and works in jalan ampang. how in the world she know about this place? it is in bandar puteri puchong wor. meaning i very kampung lor.

when i step in only i realised they serv balinese food. and i havent been to bali!!!

they have this thing that look like a shrine.

this is pretty good but i forgot the name......the chicken is good. the rice can give to someone else. it is carb, remember!!!!!

this is like almost and chicken combo with mashed potato and coleslaw. the serving is generous.....the price is affordable.....the environment is warm and not too noisy....they offer both al fresco and air-cond dining (upstairs).
a nice place for gathering with friends.......for dating i would say not too suitable....
anyone planning to go, give me a call. i dont mind joining!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Choosing photos

8th of april, this is it! the day i have been worrying for. the day to preview the studio photos! i m worried that the photos might not turn up nice. simply put, me and my future husband (fh) are not fashion models.........during the photo shoots, the poses were very akward to us.

i heard people say photos does add weight to someone's image. i definately don't need this anymore. luckily some kind soul invented photoshop.......pls reduce 30-50% of me. thanks

fh is making some big decision i think. look so intensed.......

overall, the session took about 3 hours. but we do rush through some things at the end when the shop is near to closing hour. they close at 5.30 on sunday. i scheduled a second preview on wednesday. i cant sleep well cos i think something is amiss. this time i m going to take my own sweet time and i dont care if they lock me inside after office hour.......tehe

PS: hang on to this site to see the full album......coming soon


wow, last weekend was a productive one! the invitation cards arrived and i took the whole saturday morning to list my guests. i believe i took at least four hours to complete this task. i wouldn't want to miss out any of my friends. so at the end i manage to write about 85-90 cards inviting over 110 person. and i am only talking about my friends here. invitations to relatives are done by parents. it's chinese custom.

i am sure i have more than 110 friends but i would like to say sorry if i do missed out anyone. some are working/residing overseas and may not be back in the time of the dinner. if you do, it would be great if u can come. if you guys/gals cant make it, i understand. keep yourself updated in this blog as i will be posting photos and stuff here.

for uni mates, i hope they will make some time. it will be a small reunion for us, after we have left uni for three to four years. it have been ages since we all meet and chat to update on career and stuff. eventhough most of us work in kl/pj but the chances of meeting up is really tight, huh?!!?

among other are my seremban high school friends, i think it will be one big party for you gals. since it is saturday night and the liquor are free flow... (almost). dont worry, i will reserve some specially for you gals. you gals are gem to me!!!!! (some are diamond some are ruby !?!?!?!)

we (the girls) didnt get to meet the guys (alvin, yc, ccs, kook phong to name a few) this chinese new year. we used to meet every chinse new year for dinner. i guess this year's was a short one. some started work early and some late. time factor i would say!

to all my colleagues and ex colleagues, i extend my invitations because i want to get closer to you guys/gals after office hour. this is also a good chance to meet up with those have left the company. and i take this opputunity to go crazy with you guys! no work stress ma!?!?! hehe .....wc is going to get drunk i think!!!!!! girls, get ready your wines!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Site visit on Friday?!?!?! Gosh!!!!!

it is friday and i have a site meeting at 10.00 at banting!!!! one hour drive from my office in shah alam! what a way to spend friday.

my site from the site cabin.

the site cabin. one of the best ones. this also function as sales office.

this is the mock up of one of the block of shop.

this is the overall development.
this project is my first task in my current office assigned to me two years ago. can be considered quite an achievement because i undertake the design stage up to the implementation stage.
i give myself a pat on my back. haha.........

Thursday, April 5, 2007

my flickr

i m getting a hang of this blogging stuff. i didn't know i can get so addicted. i learn from seasoned bloggers like kennysia and friends like cher-ry and sheng.

now i have oficially linked some of my sites. friendster, yahoo photo and flikr. since i just started, please be patient as i will transfer more and more pictures into it. now i can pratically show ppl photo anytime, anywhere.

have fun.

PS: pls leave some comment (+ve or -ve) after viewing cos i m pretty open minded.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Poodle perm

i wanted to perm my hair before the photo shoot. but i didnt get to it, due to hectic schedule. now i realised i m totally unprepared for my PS.

let bygones be bygones, i tell myself. now i m preparing for the actual day (AD)......

this is how i look when i was perming my hair.

this is how i look from the front.

i agree that these two pictures are not the best of me. this is how i look from behind when i m writing this blog entry. my colleague helped me to take this picture from behind.

ApRil's FoOL

april 1st is diano khoo sze ling's birthday. yesterday we decided to give her a surprise by showing up at her home in cheras uninvited.

she dont look surprised at all. hehe. but deep inside she must be very happy.

other ppl also very happy. get to indulge in choc cake.

after the cake cutting, we dived into the domino piczza we brought. thin crusted. to reduce carb intake. everyone's new diet rule.

then we chat and chat and chat. then we teased di abt her place.

there are so much groceries. good enough for weeks if war happens.

when the grocerries finished, there are so mnay teke-out menus to choose from.

and dont worry about cleanliness. the toilet paper can last for months.

and the shoes.........not heels. if heels, i understand. cos girls cant really have only one pair of heels. these are shoes. nikes, adidas, pumas. if anyone need a jog and doesnt have a pair, can always borrow from di.
there u go, have a good year ahead, di! wish u all the best in everything.