Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

30 days countdown......

today is 30 may 2007, 30 days to 30 june, my wedding day!!!!! woo hooo.....

the excitement is building up. the stress is also building up.....

will i have pre-marital dillema. is my hb the right one for me? am i too young to be married? do i need to have children immediately? if i delay, how would my PIL (parents-in-law) feel? am i a good wife? must i do all the house chores? is my husband a good husband? would he mind washing and drying clothes? can we afford babysitting?

1000 questions on my mind. althought petty but it's in my mind.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Dish Trying

Yesterday we had a preview/ trial run of the dishes for the wedding banquet. there are 10 dishes on the menu, usually 9 but we added one to make the menu 'complete', we added a ying yiong chicken/duck dish to the existing four hot and cold combinations, seafood sharks fin, bbq suckling pig, steam fish, salad prawn, lo han vege with mushroom, fried rice, pastries and lastly longan dessert!

the food to me is great. more or less pretty well presented. the restaurant will not risk their reputation, cos they are a big chain store thingy. feel free to visit especially for those who are planning a wedding themselves. ( we are in last twenties, i m sure wedding is on the list)

me and hb have very little to say about the menu actually, parents played a major role in choosing the dish. me and hb just went to taste and to pig outselves out. the session lasted for 3 hours and i expected the actual dinner the same.

on my hometown side, the contractor has finished painting our house. it's due for painting anyway and we took this opportunity to do some minor renovations. we are expecting friends and relatives in our house for the tea ceremony. so there is just so much of cleaning to do! this weekend, the contractor will come to finish off some works and viola, it's ready.

on my hb side, he has painted his room last week. his house living room was painted before the chinese new year in february. i guess their place is almost ready. my hb need to prepare his room as bridal room for the actual day.

the next immediate programme is

11th june - the wedding album is ready for collection
15th june - sending of bethrotal gifts from groom to bride's parents' house.
22th june - sending of dowry from the bride to the groom side.

i will make seperate entries on each, as a remembrance, counting down to the actual day!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Introduction to

my future HB

i dont think i want to publish name here, he shall remain as HB. hehehe

i get to know him throught uni friends, he studied mechanical engineering while i study civil engineering. my housemates are all civil engineering students but they did foundation studies in another college and that's where they knew HB. that time, almost all my friends are guys. what to do ! engineering school!

me and the guys are real close. telling each other stuff, and sharing the hardship of studying and meeting asignments deadline together.

hb didnt really study in any of my class. not even common subjects.... so we didnt really study together! but we started going out in year 2001. nothing fancy that time because both are still in uni. going out means hanging around uni campus and the places near to uni. movies at mines wonderland resort, nearby to uni.

but we did graduate from the same uni. his is half a year earlier and i borrowed this robe from my classmates so we can have a graduation shoot together.

we maintained a good relationship, we do argue sometiems, all couples do. he is nice to my family and vise versa. therefore, both families have warmed up to our realationship at very early stage.

when we started working, we went for numerous trips, mostly locals, to spend time with each other.

early of 2006, we went to bkk. since hb is working for his family business, it's hard to get away. he cant just fill up a form and take off like i do.

*making tamil movie in a garden

we had so much fun in bkk, i hope we can have an annual trip.

he does'nt smile much for the camera, but he has his funny side, like how portrayed in this next picture! i have no idea what is in his mind when he posed!

maybe in part II, i will show some of his childhood photo. and mine too........

to be continued..................

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Standard procedure

of a Chinese Wedding

almost every night i imagine how my actual wedding would be.......i m sure the procedures are almost standard. and i took this opputunity to write a short entry on it. of course, it also provides information to friends on how the programme run....

early in the morning, the bride will get dressed and made-up. the gown is usually rented from bridal shop. those who want a special design, can get theirs custom made. the make-up is done by a make -up artiste, usually hired on a freelance basis.
then the groom will arrive, and of course, all the time has been calculated by a Bazi Sifu. for example, if the sifu said arrive by 9.00 am, if he has to drive like F1 driver, has has to reach by 9.00 am. he usually come with his 'heng dais' , mostly his snooker buddies or football buddies.

then the 'ji muis' will came up with all sort of special tasks for the groom and the troop of 'heng dais' to acomplish before the groom is allowed to take the hands of the bride. Church wedding is so much more simpler. the bride's father just pass the bride to the groom!!!!!
what are they going to ask my hb to do leh? they wont tell me either...sorry baby.....

finally after all the torture and not to mention, bribery, the groom is allowed to pick up the bride........

then there is the Tea Ceremony. the new couple have to pour tea for the elders starting with bride's mum and dad as an act of respect. next will be bride's uncle and aunties.
after the tea ceremony at the bride side, the new couple will go to the groom's home. the ji muis will follow to signify of sending off the bride to the couple's new home. then the tea ceremony is repeated for the groom's parents and relatives.
a small buffet lunch will be served by the host (groom's parents) to all the ji muis and relatives who came.
after lunch, everyone gets home to prepare for the dinner banquet. i hope i get to take a short nap as a bride. but i doubt i have the time........
now the most interesting part...the Dinner! usually attended by all relatives, friends and colleagues. i hope mine will be a merry big party. so looking forward to it!!!!

hb and i have been preparing for this dinner, making sure we have enough liquor and wine. we want our guests to be happy.
and of course, i hope all our friends and relatives will be able to make it to this dinner!!!!!!