Friday, June 29, 2007

wedding eve

29th June. one day before my wedding. stress level is pretty high i must admit. not to mention sleep deprivation. relatives arrived late yesterday nite from penang, my mom's brothers and sisters.

my dad is seen here hanging the red cloth over the main door.

cousins arrived. i get to play with my cousin's baby. lots of children and babies around. this one is sooo fleshy and cute. only 6 months old.

my mum cooked for 30 pax. i salute her.

dragon phoenix candles

tong yuen

it's night time, all prepared for the comb hair ritual. we organised buffet dinner for all relatives and friends.
after the ritual, i was not allowed to go out of the house, so my ji muis came into the room to accompany me.

ji muis looking at the studio photos

loose and me, like very nice like that wear pink pyjamas.

siew ling playing with my dowry

the ritual begins....

my mum and dad comb with hair and say some good wishes. for both me and my husband.

* as seen in some hk tvb movies!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's coming

the DAY is coming! nearer than i thought. too near for comfort.

the bed is set in new bed linen. chinese usually prefer red color for all auspicious events. but i cant choose pink. cos my mum said pink is for second wives.

even the closet is decorated with some 'hei' words.

some toiletries as 'kah chong'

wedding decorations, a gift from hb's cousin.

pillow with mickey and minnie is wedding attire. from my cousin. when it's on, the mickey and minnie will shake left to right.

a crystal ball with wedding couple in traditional chinese attire. gift from neighbour from blossom.

we receive so many more presents. some unopen yet. thanks everyone!

i took 3 days off from work to relax before the BIG day. boy, am i wrong. i should have taken a week off instead. i didn't realise so many things are unresolved yet.

firstly there is this event photo thingy. they need all sorts of informations to coordinate with their photograpers. they ask me at what dish we are supposed to to the toast at the restaurant, at what time they should play their slides etc.

and the worse part is, i don't know the answers to all the questions. i have asked this questions to the restaurant manager but she told me leave everything to them. they will guide us wor. i think whatever major thing i'd better let my hb settle.

i will just enjoy my 3 days leave and sleep until my dark circles vanish!

Monday, June 25, 2007

last weekend as singles

woo hoo. i can't believe it. it is the last weekend for me and hb to go crazy as singles. thanks to monkey and gangster *

*not their real names, their identities shall remain as protected. hahahhaha

me and my mocktail

mrs gangster and me

mr and mrs gangster

me and hb. clearly he is drunk and asleep

the whole bunch fo monkeys
thanks guy! we had a great time.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

dowry list

typical traditional chinese wedding has many customary rules. there are so many steps and rituals before the actual wedding day. previously i have written on bethrothal ritual where the groom send some gifts to the bride. today i writting about bride's part of the preparations

mnost of the required stuff are bought by my mum. like this red umbrella. this is for parents to cover the bride when she is leaving the house on the actual day.

confetti. although everything seem traditional, to add some fun, my mum got this. it will be realeased when the groom and bride leaving the bride's home.

this set of comb and mirror will be used on the wedding eve for the 'comb hair' ritual. these are the few things among many others that we will only prepare nearer to the day!

dowry list

a few days before the wedding, it's the bride's turn to bring some gifts to the groom side. there are so many things in the list provided by either the 'bazi sifu' or shops that sell wedding stuff. we only provide those important ones.

old lamps, for the bed side table. on the wedding night, they will be kept burning until the oil finished.

ah! this set is very very symbolic. almost all new chinese couples require this. in this set, there are baby shower basin, wash face basin, children potty, a tray for tea set. everything is useful in the olden days when water dont really flow from the tap, and there is no flush toilets yet.

new bed linen, for the newlyweds.

new pillow and bolster case

new face towel. this one has the word 'hei' meaning auspicious.

new set of bath towel. for him and for her.

new set of hankerchieves.

one set of sewing kit. inside, there is a pin cushion, needles, five colors of thread. in the olden days, wives are required to know some basis skills of mending their clothes.

one pair of new sarong, for him and for her.

new iron. i think this one related to the sewing kit.

a new set of clogs. for him. there is another pair for her. but image not available now.

it's fun preparing all these stuff. keeps the taditions going through the time, eventhough most of the things are no longer in used.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

chaos in the office

yesterday my office experienced another blackout. it happens pretty frequent at this area i would say. either it is flooded or there is no electricity. what a good place to work!!!

the 'Phenomenon' started with lights blinking. just like in movies when aliens visit.

then people start getting nervous and i hear someone shouting 'off your pc! off your pc!'

we were in the dark for half an hour. here i managed to capture all sort of office activities and i would say work is not one of them.

walking a streching is a must after a long day in the sitting position!

laughing at the camera is another one good example!

coming to first floor to join in the fun from second floor! learn from WMS

but of course for those lucky people using laptop that runs on battery, they still can play some MP3s.
what a fun day at the office!

japanese buffet

yesterday, for dinner, hb brought me to jap buffet at starhill.....we went with his friends. i have heard so much about this retaurant but haven't really been there before. cos i dont go to kl much, mostly pj/puchong area. kampung girl leh?

as expected we only reach about 8.00 pm due to the traffic jam.

neal, half portugese and chinese, seen here enjoying his escargo. i personally dont eat them.
(the escargo i mean not neal! )

tiong wee and ai nee, having a ball of time.

VIP desert, only customers with vip card can have them. this one is choc/ peanut butter ice dream cake. nothing to shout about. very hard. we tried to scoop with the fork but it end up stuck inside.

finally we cracked the cake

some of the stuff i eat. cos i am not a big fan of seafood or raw food. what a waste of money.

some of the stuff other ppl eat. giant oyster!

steamboat oyster, in jap shabu-shabu?

i have been having lots of this. the weather is hot these few days. nothing taste better than cold young coconut water.

stomach increased in size after the dinner.
after the dinner, we can barely move. neal was driving at 120km/hr when we were going to kl from pj but after the dinner, his speed reduced to 60km/hr. we finished half the x-men 3 movie in this car dvd player.
overall, i still feel what nawiwa or what-the-name jap buffet in bdr puteri puchong is the best after trying shogun n yagoya too, in terms of price and food quality i would say. i have 3 pcs of buy 4 free 1 coupons to yagoya. if anyone is interested can sms me. haha