Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hAppY BiRthDay Mr. liOn


how young are you this year?

doing his thang!

thanks bro!

another fav pastime!

Ps: PL got soo drunk last nite. going to quarantine him for a month!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

it's all in the BAG

street style is in! Accessories play a mojor role in daily attire! here are some examples of bags collection my my sook mei's shop. i found it at *jEweLs*

wow! this is so suitable for the beach. rm29.00

hmm...this one is just so girly and demure, good for dinner or maybe movies. RM10.00. can't find it anywhere else!

ha! this one i will bring to work. it's big enough to throw all my stuff inside. my car keys, home keys, make-up stuff etc. i bet i can fit an A4 file inside.
RM69.00 and now it's on 30% discount. what a steal!

red dinner bag to go with killer red heels and red dress. rm25.00!

real style dont always come with a big price tag! visit *jEweLs* for many many more stylish options.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


click me

i think i better make one entry just to link to the picaso la.

1. click 'wedding photos by davelab' on the left sidebars.

2. type 'http://picasaweb.google.com/amygsm' into your internet browser!

*cheeky cheeky*

Monday, July 23, 2007

dinner photos from davelab

i hvnt blogged since a few weeks ago. to be honest, after the wedding, there is nothing much to write about.

yesterday, we went to davelab to collect the photos softcopy. they took three weeks after the wedding to filter and color-correct the photos. after viewing i would say they did a fairly good job and the bonus, at an affordable price.

initially they promised 450-600 frames but ended up with some 900++ frames, which i think is common. we need to select 200-300 photos from this 900 plus to be printed into an album. more like a wedding diary.

well, maybe due to experience, they pre-select for their customers. they have chosen 300 frames and it's up to us to either use it or choose our own.

i have uploaded the whole thing into my picaso website, linked on the left side of this blog. usually i upload everything so i have a backup copy.

and then, i uploaded a few chosen (dinner ones) below for easy viewing. trust me, it's hard to browse the picaso esp when u have 900 plus images.