Friday, September 28, 2007

last day in jpt

today is jv lee's and calvin's last day in jpt. everyone is unhappy with their resignation but people moves on. for better prospect i guess. they move on to developers' firm.

both of them have worked for jpt 6-7 years. which is an eye opener for the rest of the staff. is the same thing going to happen to the rest of us? the more junior engineers, that after a few years in consultant firm, either we move to developer/contractor or stay in consultant with stagnant salary?

as a girl, if i have to work in developer i have to be feisty. imagine, all subordinates and consultants working for you are most likely man. and have to be dem good, in handling projects and not to mention, stress.

or i can take a short cut, quit my jb, become a housewife. or sell insurance or unit trust? argh....

here, i wish jvlee and calvin all the best. do keep in touch!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don Chan Palace

i feel that this entry is way overdue. i would like to introduce Don Chan Palace, for those avid travellers out there, THIS entry is for you. located at the capital of Loas, it has the 5 stars comfort and hospitality. what's best it's owned by benny!

see clearly or click to enlarge and guess who is the male model!

no prize for guessing right!

dont misunderstand. i am not being paid for this post. i simply want to help promote. (maybe i'll get free room for one night?)

ben, how come you are not in this picture!!!! injustice!

well, the second reason is Airasia will be flying there in Nov. but i wont be coming, ben cos i am going to Hanoi. But dont worry i will set my foot on yr Don chan one. Cannot tell you when, but at least i give u hope! aha

for more info or more photos to laugh at, you are always welcome to click the don chan link. but for personal updates on benny and the silly things he do. click on his name.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


would like to shout to an old friend *wink wink* for officiating her ROM (registration of marriage today)

sorry couldn't make it. but on the actual wedding day, if i have to beranak i also will come.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

career advancement

recently there are many staff turn-overs in my office. i am wondering what is happening outside. boss calls for meeting almost fortnightly to address this problem of shortage of engineers now. it is speculated that middle east countries taking away construction sector human resource.

some say because the govt staff have increased salary 30%, private employees are looking for the same thing. but is the country economy so good? 30% to me is a lot. how to achieve this? is it a must to jump ship to ship?

this article is taken from here, it makes a lot of sense to me, are we doing our part to be promoted, or is it the meritocracy is not common practice in local companies?

Get Rid of Your Bad Habits for Career Advancement Success

Whether people have worked at the same job for twenty years or one day, the one thing most have in common is thinking about a job promotion or career advancement. There are no short cuts or quick steps to getting a promotion or advancing in a career but people definitely have to get rid of their bad habits for career advancement success. Career advancement success is setting achievement goals, defining these goals and taking action.

To achieve your career advancement goals means getting rid of bad habits for career advancement that hurt your success chances, such as having a poor work attitude. Never volunteering to help any of your coworkers or boss, doing personal things during office hours, talking back or showing annoyance when asked to do a task are bad habits that need correcting. Bosses are more likely to promote people that are pleasant, willing to help others, make personal calls on their break or lunch hour, and use their time wisely. During business hours, never use the telephone for personal calls unless it is an emergency.

Being late for work constantly, coming back from breaks or lunch late, abusing annual or sick leave, and leaving early are very bad habits for career advancement prospects. Management is more likely to promote employees that arrive to work early or on time, are dependable, return from lunch and break at the correct time, and follow the attendance regulations and rules.

Dressing inappropriately and poor grooming are definitely bad habits for career advancement success. When management or employees do not dress appropriately for work or let their personal grooming habits slide, their chance of career advancement is very slim. Dressing for success shows that they take pride in themselves and the company. Break poor grooming habits by setting aside enough time before work to do the necessary personal grooming required. There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone that has bad breath or someone with hair or clothes that look like they just crawled out of bed. Work on changing these bad habits for career advancement opportunities.

Being honest with yourself and others is always the best policy. Being dishonest or insincere are definitely bad habits for career advancement success and ones that require changing. Being honest means being aware of your true weaknesses and strengths, admitting your mistakes, and being sincere and genuine. Never talk behind people’s backs, take credit for things you did not do, or intentionally hurt coworkers and put them down to build yourself up. Work on getting rid of bad habits for career advancement success.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

new hair cut

i wanted to chop off all my curls as they get harder to maintain by each day. so i was looking for some new hairstyles. hopefully, a more modern and a younger look.

jelly fish haircut, rainy yang?

a cute bob cut? ala rihanna?

a more extreme slanted bob cut, poshy maybe?

since i still have some curls on the side, i cannot have the slanted one. and i dont want my hair to be the topic of the office for one month, so i opted for something less er...."slanted"?

note: pics coming up. no time to upload!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

buy me a bag

mari mari amoi semua. mari tengok. my friend has some replica coach bags for sale. at very attractive price. why bother buying genuine when you can buy 10 replicas with the same price?

these are the lastest design from coach. only good for a season. i don't want to be left out. so i buy an replica instead.

for more longer lasting design, i choose from the coach monogram design. for more serious occasions like meeting with an important client or high-power lunch with some VIP or maybe that important job interview. click here for more info.

Monday, September 3, 2007

lily's graduation

last weekend was lily guan's convocation at universiti tenaga national. the same uni i graduated from. but lily did her bach of mechanical eng while mine was civil eng. the campus was well equiped i would say, and not overly populated. just cozy enough.

the convo was like a whole deja vu to me,it was just like what i have gone trough. the ritual repeats all over again. it started with taking photos in the studio, then the rehersal then the actual day. the same old the flowers from friends, bear hugging everyone, smiling from ear to ear, taking 100 photos, sweating like a pig under the robe etc. but it was fun. it still is, on lily's i mean. it's nice to acknowledge such acompliments even though it's just bachelor degree, not like it's phd or professorship.

here i would like to shout out to lily guan. congrats!!!!! you did it!!!!

(although sometimes she is blur and everyone thought she carries water in her brains!!!) wooo hooo.......

Sunday, September 2, 2007

the mike wears prada



last week i went to karaoke with some friends *wink wink*. i discovered something funny. they give out free clothes for the mike. maybe i don't go to sing k very often so this is something new and refreshing for me. karaoke in malaysia is dominated by chinese mandarin and cantonese songs. they do have english and malay songs but lousy mvs. and not to mention wrong lyrics. i don't like to sing to britney, for example and some ang moh man from maybe eastern europe is strolling on the beach with some ang moh woman. and their actions are totally not in sync with the song tempo.

so i rather sing wrongly in chinese than to sing english song. what to do. non chinese educated.