Monday, October 29, 2007

congrats mr and mrs Lim CK

mr and mrs lim ck's wedding

congrats to mr and mrs lim CK on their wedding yesterday. the dinner was fun. although i only know about 10% of the people there. luckily the MC turned out to be better/decent-er than expected. i was expecting some jokes about the groom learning to be businessman since young. those who are curious, please give the MC a call, Mr Neal Scully (not Nile and Nail like how he is often referred) :P

bill's surgery on coming thur

hb did a second IVU and x ray and found out only partial of the kidney stone passed out. he is scheduled for surgery using laser (or more commonly known as 'straw' procedure by his friends) this coming thur. will be discharge the following day. it's going to be a small procedure. friends are welcome, if superbly free, buy me a mocha from starbucks when you do. i think hb cant drink mocha so let me do all the drinking. on a serious note, let's pray hard for dear bill. he is such a darling to me and i do not wish anything negative happen to him. at the same time, i wish he listens to me more and modify to a healthier daily diets. definitely need to cut down on alcohol and beer(i know he will read this!) there is a chinese saying, if you listen to your wife, you will get rich......(anyone want to second that, raise hand!)

wife 2.0
wives need upgrades too, and not only once but from time to time. i took some time off last Saturday, sacrificing all housework to do my hair and get a facial. i am pretty pleased with the haircut as it cuts 10 years off my face. in my opinion la, others do not have to agree. photos will be avail once mr. leong KY upload in his blog/email me.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

dinner and mahjong

mahjong?!?!?! people might ask......are we in hong kong? what is this? TVB lifestyle?

hahah. it's friday and i met up with sook mei, abo, loose, shui, winnie and ct for dinner at Bumbu Bali, and then mahjong session at my house.

i invited them over because the mahjong table is under-used. and i don't know how to play mahjong. ngek ngek.

all of us had our share of fun, the rest just help me to maximized my astro, another under-used household item.

i don't mind 'renting' out my mahjong table anytime. it bring so much fun and laughter when friends visit.

Friday, October 19, 2007

i got my wedding diary today

today = 19th October 2007
wedding = 30th June 2007

time in between 3.5 months. my wedding diary finally arrived via courier.
for those who don't know what i m talking about, wedding diary is just a collection or collage of wedding photos throughout the day. hehe

but i would say the end result is good geh although it take so long. the link is to view better, click to enlarge each of the photo below.

the package by davelab is well worth it. anyone interested please call 03-62014588 and look for ms fern.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i tagged myself

i was reading jacq's blogand i decided to tag myself

1. pick 1 of ur scars out now.. how did u get it?
+ got one below my lower lips from car accident. got banged by a car (bmw) when i was crossing the road to school

2. What's on the walls of ur room?
+ a big wedding photo and wall clock

3. Would u rather play or watch football?
+ watch

4. What sport would u say you're good at?
+ does sleeping count

5. What was ur worst nightmare?
+ working in my ex company

6. Apples or oranges?
+ oranges

7. Grapes or watermelon?
+ watermelon

8. wolves or tigers?
+ tigers

9. What sort of music do u listen to?
+ anything catchy

10.have u ever written poetry?
+ no way

11. Do u remember birthdays?
+ sorry, no

12. do u know what time u were born?
+ have to check my birth cert

13. Do u have a birth mark? where?
+ not that i know of

14. Are you a sweet person?
+ sorry, no

15. What were u doing b4 u started filling this in?
+ reading jacq's blog!!

16. What is ur favourite gun?
+ machine gun, hehehee...some will know this joke

17. Fav chocolate?
+ ferrero roche, kit kat, dark choc

18. Fav candy (non chocolate)?
+ yucks, prefer choc

19. Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream?
+ chocolate

20. What is d first thing u notice on sum1(oppsex)?
+ eyes

21. What's ur fav smell?
+ smell of new car?

22. Fav sound that u hear often?
+ some idiot playing drum beside my office

23. What r u thinkin about right now?
+ tomorrow is FRIDAY

24. What is ur fav disney movie of all time?
+ little mermaid

25. What color r ur eyes?
+ dark brown

26. Have u ever slept with a stuffed animal?
+ no. the hair make me itchy

27. What's the name of the stuffed animal?
+ elek ler

28. Who was ur first crush wen u were little?
+ hehe my neighbour

29. What kind of hair do u like on the opp sex?
+ wavy

30. Who out of ur frens (same sex) have u known the longest?
+ i cant remember

31. Sunrise or sunset?
+ sunset

32. wat happens tis few days?
+ refer to my prev posts

33. Movies?
+ anything in any language but not ghost or scary, i don't need the stress

34. Where can u c urself goin for ur honeymoon?
+ *sob sob*

35. Can u play an instrument?
+ nope

36. Do u usually butt in peeps convy's?
+ yeah but only very close ppl

36. Band/s?
+ watever.....

38. What kind of books do u like to read?
+ Ebook counts?

39. Do u like poetry?
+ no way

40. How do u like ur coffee?
+ twice daily

cheap cheap gadgets

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the stone is out...

or partial of the stone....i shall confirm later, after the xray!

so many friends have called/emailed/sms-ed me with their well wishes. thank you all!

yesterday when bill came home late, he told me he passed the stone out. there was some pain but he told me he felt it. thank god!

but now we have to confirm whether it is a small fragment or the whole stone itself. the next xray will be on next tuesday.

once again, thank you all for the concern! cheers.

(today i am celebrating with a nice home cooked dinner, western style without candle stick, we are not on HBO)

Monday, October 15, 2007

it has been a week

i m worried dead....or dead worried. bill's stone is supposed to come out via urine. but no sign of that yet. he does not feel pain but occasionally i hear him say there is still some pain. another week and he has to decide on sonar or laser.

Friday, October 12, 2007

bad things happen

hope recent two posts will not affect the holiday moods.

Hari Raya Weekend
this weekend will be Hari Raya weekend. everyone is rushing home to celebrate with friends and family. going to work takes half the usual time, most people have left the city. i don't have any plans for the weekend yet. maybe will take time off to rest at home. take this opportunity to wish all my Malay friends and colleagues Happy Hari Raya!

bad things happen
me and my friends have been talking about the disturbing nurin rape and murder case. if you don't know about the story, click this blog created by her uncle. in the postmortem, they found a cucumber and brinjal inside her. it's so sick! i don't know what have the world become now. for my readers, please take care of your children, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, girlfriends etc. and of course, take good care of yourself. do not walk alone unnecessary in places you are not familiar with.

Bill is better
after the IVU and XRAY at the hospital, the size of the stone is determined. doctor gave him medication to pass out the stones. we are keeping our fingers crossed. in the mean time, i am researching on the internet and analysis our daily diet. planning to make some modification to avoid from reoccurring stones incident. if you have anyone in the family with the same problem, can email me some tips. thanks yeah!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

drama minggu ini

yesterday is one big confusing day. firstly my boss, out of a sudden said he wanted to go meeting in jln ipoh with me. maybe it's due to the numerous complains he heard from the client and the clerk of works. the contractor just wont take instructions thus making my life hellish. whatever correspondents and instructions from us (me) is ignored by them. they just continue building the RM600k++ show unit like their father owned it. (will post some photos when the show house is complete, it's jaw dropping, trust me)

when the meeting was over, it was late, i reached office at about 8.00pm and rushed home, say about 8.30pm. saw HB darling lying on the bed, slightly feverish and complaining of back pain. i took a quick shower and rush him to the hospital. we know exactly what is the problem, kidney stones. it happened to him before. it's common in guys and girls too. some is hereditary but hb's case we are not sure. it got stuck in the urethra and that causes the pain. bad stones! bad bad stones!

i dunno if it's business tactics or what, when i first called the hospital to ask for hb's urology specialist's business hour and telling them of the situation, hey ask me not to worry and say another urologist will attend to him and i should send him to the A & E (accident and emergency) immediately. but when we reach no specialist is avail and only normal gp attended hb. what a scam. and to top it off, they are out of beds, only VIP room which is about 4 times the price of normal 4 beded or 2 beded ward? or to make the picture clearer, the price one nite suite in a hotel. (if i have to choose, i choose the suite not the hospital!!! yucks! suite i still can ask for rose petals on the bed, claiming it's our honeymoon!!! hahah.) but they have the guts to call at 7.00 in the morning saying beds are avail in normal ward! give me one reason why patients check out early in the morning. let's say 6.00 am (one hour for cleaning and place, i assume?)fishy! maybe this is how they fund their building extensions?!?!

in A & E, they gave him painkiller shot and ask him to to admitted. but we decided to go home and come again the next day. i still feel doubtful. the medications they give are even funnier. u wont believe me. antibiotics and panadol. for what? the slight fever! the cost? a whooping rm160++ for the whole A&E episode!!! Malaysia Boleh!