Saturday, November 24, 2007

hanoi-last day

The last day is flying out. The first pic is hanoi airport from the outside, the second is polly dunno doing what, third is dad saying goodbye to the tour guide, who has been very patient with all of us. we were crazy and asked him to stop the van when we saw something that caught our eyes.....many times. and i think he still do not understand why we kept giggling the entire trip. actually we were just bored, at times, sitting in the van. going from place A to B is actually pretty far, especially hanoi- Halong Bay and the hanoi- Tam Coc. overall, it has been a successful family trip. no politics is involved, no one got hurt, except my dad, financially i think!

next one will be angkor wat, subject to participation and everyone's work schedule!!!!

three hanoi girls!

hanoi day 4

obviously, i am tired of posting pics one by one, with the help of picasa free software, i make collages. lily also made pictures collage because blogger have not come out with something to upload many pictures at once.

this is the town of Halong City. Halong Bay was only discovered as a tourist spot after in 1994 UNESCO named them the world national heritage. therefore Halong City (more like towm to me) was still new with small 7-8 storeys hotels mushrooming. there are many more sites under construction. it felt like a cowboy town . creepy!

the very next morning, we went into a boat and set out to sea. our first stop, shown above, is a limestone cave in the middle of sea. there are many legends and such, come limestone formation inside this cave was shaped like animals and such. i saw a lion, an eagle etc. it's hard to take pictures of them all cos, it takes some imagination. it's just co incidence the limestone is formed that way!

for the rest of the boat ride, we were brought to see more limestone karst at sea. at some point, the view was superb. but it's morning and we are against the sun, can't really get good shots. trying going in evening. it will be great!

the boat we used.

the whaft in the middle of the sea. it's like a seafood market. making business out of the tourists.

these are some of the stuff they sold there. we did not buy any. we do not trust that they can do a good job cleaning the seafood in the middle of the sea/on the boat. actually the boat ride includes lunch. when we boarded the boat, a viet girl follows the ship captain. the girl is the chef. as soon as we set sail (ahem, start boat engine, i mean) she started cooking. we can smell it from the boat cabin.

(ps; seafood lover: please do not let my comment deter you from trying. to some, the pleasure comes from having fresh seafood, right out of the sea!)

the boat trip was very very nice, with or without those limestone karst. the sea was calm and the boat was not rocking. on the way back to the jetty, we got bored, we did some self portraits, lying on the deck, trying to get a tan. priceless experience i would say.

lunch served when we almost reach the jetty. not bad!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

hanoi day 3

i can't believe i took so long to post about this hanoi trip where else my sister finished posting withing a day or two. go to her blog for more pictures as she is a bigger photography enthusiast than me. i only captured like 10% of what she captured. ahiak ahiak

on the third day, we visited the military history museum. the first thing we saw when we came in is a pile of plane wreckage. (picture 1)

then the rest are tanks, empty bomb shells, etc.

i took many pictures of the war weapons for bill, cos he is combat junkie. i cannot recall how many combat movies i hesitantly watched in cinemas just to fulfill his combat fantasies. hahahah. all the photos i have taken will be posted in picasa. find the link at the left hand side of this blog under the 'all about me' category.

me with uncle ho statue

me in front of a war plane/aircraft/black hawk? whatever......

then we spend the rest of the evening the hired van going towards Halong City. the place we spend the night before the boat ride to Halong Bay early the next morning. There are two options really, one to spend the night in a cosy hotel in Halong CIty, and another, to spend a night on the boat in the middle of the sea. We, being the more conservative type, chose the Hotel, with proper toilet shower!!! it is important you know!!!!hahhaha

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hanoi day 2

on day 2, we visited tam coc. it's a lake with limestone forming caves. we took a 2 hour boat ride through the caves. there are three caves altogether. the weather is cold, the boatmen or boatwomen have to paddle passengers in a small metal sampan.

when we first reached the lake, we were so curious with all the chaos about.

the busy 'harbor'. about hundred boats i think.

the boat people come in all sizes, both men and women, and all age, range from 13 to 60. seen here an old lady whom i think has better biceps than me.

my sisters and i share a boat while our parents on the other boat. we bought the Vietnamese hats for fun. 1 usd each.

one of the nice landscape image.

since there are so many boats, the distance between one another is too close for comfort. the boat ride is too commercialized.

when we reach the last cave, the boatmen start their sales pitch. they sell all sorts of art and crafts, trying to make some side income. they can be very pushy so we gave in and bought a table cloth for 10 usd. that's a lot of money, in viet!

the way back to the harbor. we helped to paddle on the way back.

more landscape

the boat lady, very young and beautiful.

finally we reached the harbor. the whole journey took 2 hours. longer if we did not help to paddle.

hanoi day 1

first day: flying out, the guans had to wake up at 3.30 am. it's funny about flying, it's the fastest way out, but it takes up so much time! getting to airport, checking in, immigration, blah blah blah

when we got on the plane, we quickly changed to 'airplane mode'. meaning less talking, more bored face, stupid imbalance of the ear liquid, (whatever u call it) and breathing in other's recycled breath, fart, burps etc.

my dad and mum. it had been some time since they had their last holiday.

me in glasses, the contacts are burning my eyes. hate to wear glasses. wish i'd wake up to a clear vision one day, without having to pay for lasik.

we reached hanoi at about 10.00 msian time. viet time is one hour slower, meaning 9.00am. it felt funny, cos the bright sun above keep telling me it's 10 am!!! the airport is 135km away from town and we took longer than usual to get there. the traffic and road system is ... how i do put it...not as advanced? there are 100 motorcycles to 1 car. so for a van (which we hired for the next five days) to weave through is like salmon swimming against tide. and viets do not follow lanes!

the first thing we do is check in into the hotel. oasis at Lang Ha street. considered posh, 3 star hotel. check out the turning door thingy. been some time since i last saw one.

when we signed a ground arrangements, we paid by pax. 300USD includes lodging, food, tour guide, driver, van, and all sort of entry tickets. it seems expensive but after the entire trip, it is worth every cent.

view from above, 11th floor. another big hotel opposite of ours.

the first place we go after checking in, ho chi minh mausoleum. mr. ho is like our tunku abd rahman, father of independence. the only diff is he practiced communism. shown here me and my mum.

temple of literature. the first university founded by Chinese Emperor Ly Thanc Tong dated back in 1070. they have some stone carvings on stone turtle by the students called steles. why they choose to carve turtles is beyond me. and what i gather, the stones are like final year thesis.

at the ho kiem lake, another place with turtle history. one turtle swallowed a sword and went into the lake and never return. for more info, please google.

it gets dark early. about 5. maybe it has something to do with the winter, and we are at the north of viet where there are tour seasons. we went to water puppet show, which to me is the highlight of Day 1. DO NOT MISS IT. akua show in bangkok is not even nearly as good as this.

i was trying to take picture of the puppet in the theater but i caught someone's accident hairstyle. please comb your hair even though you are in third world country, ms ang moh!

the much anticipated dinner. we had lunch at 11.30am, standard lunchtime in viet. look at everyone's starved faces.

posh restaurant, and i thought we will be eating by the street. the food is in small portion, about 8 dishes with white rice, nice Vietnamese food in a European styled restaurant. NICE!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

i m going to hanoi

wooo hooo

i am going to hanoi for a 5 days 4 nights trip courtesy of my dad. *shake a$$ shake a$$*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

wee's wedding

Congrats Wee!

the prince and the princess of the day!

the new mrs wee, wee and i

chan siu cheh and me

siew wan and me. (mental note to myself: avoid light pink in future!!!)

leong with peter

mrs peter with ms angie

ngan with april!

charlie and the charlie's angels????

members of jpt alumni: siah, sy ng and wai kit

wai kit, yap and leong

anna and i (congrats anna, can't wait to hold your baby)

calvin, siew wan, and agrimax. haha, dont really know his name

ex account girl, ms ng and ex ISO guy, siah

aiyah! forgot to put mascara!

but it's ok, still look pretty, angie!

having a blast, eh?

bosses need to have fun once a while too right, mr ong?

this is what happen where alcohol is involved! the chaos begins.....
btw, what are you pointing at, irene?

yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seng!

leong: one cup where got enough!?!?!

thanks, wee for making our sunday afternoon a jolly one. looks like everyone had their share of fun!!!

and of course, Congrats and Welcome to the Club!!!