Monday, December 31, 2007

teh's wedding @ ipoh

ipoh here we come! teh, my colleague from JPT is getting married and had a wedding reception at Sun Lei How Fook restaurant at Ipoh. being unfammiliar to Ipoh town at all, hb darling drove us there instead.

we stopped at Bidor, famous for the Chicken biscuit and the Duck Mee. no photos were taken, dang! too excited already. the restaurant name is Pun Chun, we bought ten packets of those chicken biscuits! then we continued our journey to Ipoh

we reached just in time, but being Malaysian, other guests have not reached yet. but we saw yeoh and his beloved gf. when i walked in the hall, i was in awe, the decorations were fabulous. we sat at table 13, soon after, loh and family came. then mr and mrs wee.

hb looks lost. i don't blame him. there are 50 tables of guests altogether. wow. must be ipoh's wedding of the year! each table sits 10 guests.

the newlyweds mr and mrs wee, beaming with happiness.

ngan and april, the same expresion as wee's wedding one?

the menu, for remembrance.

loh junior, a chip of the old block

ms loh jin ying, as active as her father. been busy with the ballons the whole day.

the best roast chicken i have ever tasted. teh, if you don't mind, can you take away one on your way back to KL?

the toasting ceremony, picture taken without anti-shake. thanks to the lousy camera and cameraman, Mr ngan?

the next couple mostly likely to be wed? mr yeoh and partner?

this is something we don't see in chinese wedding. latin dance perfomance.

here is another video.

ah...the groom and the lovely bride.

me, hb and the lovely couple.

JPT's representative at the wedding. many did not turn up, due to the distance of the event, maybe.

finally, after the nice lunch, we head home, a three hours journey, about 200km from KL. the lunch was unforgettable. never had such nice wedding food for a long time. glad i came, the whole wedding-banquet-at-some-other-town experience is really worth it.

we reached KL at about 6.00 pm and without resting, we rushed to our next rendezvous's.

the south sea seafood at terminal 3, old subang airport. they are known for serving the best fresh seafood.

started off as a eating stall for staff of the airport, now fully furnished as a restaurant to attract more customers. since the airport moved to Sepang, now the restaurant is patronized by regulars who missed their dishes and new customers brought in by word of mouth promotions.

the extended part of the restaurant. the roof is flexible, opens up when the weather is nice, and closes when it rains. the restaurant plays good music too, mostly oldies and some french, to my surprise. we had sri lankan crab, cooked fresh. the guests get to choose from the aquariums that houses the live seafood. lovely!

Friday, December 28, 2007

xmas eve party @ smei's

terry's two years old son, so cute. star of the night. it's his teething stage. he puts his finger in his mouth all the time. his gum must be irritating him.

loose playing with ri yang. actually she is forcing him to take pictures with her geh. pity the small kid.

food we brought for the potluck. i made white cream fucille and lasagne that ct helped me made earlier that day.

kebabs that loose made. yummy. we lost count of how many abo had. we practically ate 50% of it. and left the baby tomatoes to loose.

everyone had a blast. seen here is ct and his hunny, wai sing.

the lovely 5ft xmas tree. i am so envious. gotto have one put up next year. i promise!

the rest of the crowd. i am behind but seen in the mirror. dont be alarmed. i didn't pose for any pic that day. was busy eating/laughing/poking fun at ri yang.

the host and the hostess.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

seremban one day trip

i will never see seremban the same again. for today i have been to places i have never been to even though i have lived in seremban for the past twenty over years.

the first square is the centipede farm in temiang. it's a chinese temple built on the slope of a hill. its my first time here. the second picture was taken at the state museum. the museum is built with minangkabau architecture. originated from Indonesia. nothing much we had fun poking fun at the cow head on the wall.

then we went to this place in kemayan business center. tried the egg noddles, dragon fruit noodles and spirulina noodles. all in different colors. the wanton or shui kau is nice. the fish balls too. all the food is homemade and couldn't find the same recipe elsewhere. next to the noodle shop is the beef noddle shop. do not miss it. it's better than the original shop in the seremban wet market.

if anyone ever do drop by, a visit to the famous seremban siew pau factory is a must. but i m not thrilled. growing up here, siew pau is almost like daily breakfast to me. haha.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new hobby-visiting show units

i found a new hobby. visiting show units. to some maybe they have started this hobby long ago. haha. i am not looking to buy. just looking. get ideas.

this one is by my client, the two block of condo i have been working on. don't misunderstand, i have nothing to do with interior design or architecture design. some friends are still unsure of what i do. i am a structural engineer, i design, sure but structural design. if you look at my products, you wont understand a thing unless of course, if you are an engineer or a contractor.

lousy photo quality, i know! i forgot to bring my camera. i used my handphone camera which is not the latest state of art kind.seen here is the kitchen. the theme for the whole unit is 'clean white' most of the movables furnitures are white. built-ins are white too. which is cheap, don't feel cheated by the modern comtemporary look of it. it's just laminated wood!

this used to be room 3, but they decided to hack the wall open and made it into a study area. neat! but deceiving! cos the actual unit has a wall and a door and of course, it's empty! it's not so clear here but i like the way they make small spaces look bigger with mirrors and of course made-to-measure cantilever shelves. google cantilever if it's a new word to you.

ah......very common now, in every household if money is not an issue, seen here is wall height curtain which you cannot find at jusco, and plaster ceiling recess to hide the curtain rails. just a reminder: think about the laundry day!

this is room 2, taken from the doorway, like how marketing does it all the time. i wonder why it can fit two single beds. how do i put it? in real life it will be very tight. because in real life, children have toys and books. and they need tables to study. either a) have only one child or b) work like an ass for a bigger house

finally the master bedroom. it's small too. but the ID custom made the shelves to make the room bigger and more spacious. the bed is real. they can't fake the bed. instead of king size, they put in a queen size. notice the shelf beside it. it's only one foot wide. do you really want to put a bedside lamp there? nah!

another cartoon shelf. it is installed at the wall at the end of the bed. i supposed it's for flat screen TV. but i doubt it's useful in real life. but show unit being show unit. all the furnitures and decorations are meant to make purchasers feel good. if they feel good, they put their signatures on the papers!

actually i have visited other show units but they cameras are not allowed. when i visited my own site, i was hesitant too because the interior designer was there too. i didn't get to take the pciture of the living room and dining. but dont worry. as long as i am still working in my current company, i will be stuck with this project for another 3 years. by then i probably have pictures of every inch of the show unit.

Monday, December 10, 2007

trip to melaka

and the occasion is ........ Wei Chuan's wedding

all ready to teh ak, his gf and jasmine in one car while ms chow, mr yow and me in the second car.

we waited for mr chai, his gf and mr alvin in the third car in zoo melaka. still horsing around like 8 years ago.....1st year uni!!!!

looking at me with some weird expression. never see people take pictures before?

more horsing actions

still horsing around......but this time we reached the restaurant, orna golf club. ORNA? what kind of name is it?

the pretty laydeeeessss. i gained like one tonne since wedding!!!

check out the group. see if i can remember all. i will put all their names here. who knows, in a few years' time, if i forget, i can always refer back to this entry.

from top from left: wan han, JC,mrs JC, dorah, me. bottom from left: alvin, vincent, jasmine, kar luen, aun kua, soo ling)

waiting for food

still waiting......

posing for more photos......

aha. last but not least, here comes the bride......and groom, of course. they were so busy the entire lunch!!!! CONGRATS Mr LIM WC!!!! and have to say this again, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

water puppet show at hanoi

and some other vidoes

one of the many programs i enjoyed in hanoi is the water puppet show. truly unique and and reflective of the asian culture. i mean where else do you have water buffaloes working on paddy fields, if not in asian countries.

those who are planning to go to hanoi should not miss it.

traditional viet music during dinner. best dinner of the trip.....