Tuesday, January 8, 2008

banting's begger chicken

last week, i went to banting for site meeting and the contractor treated us to the famous banting begger's chicken. originally wrapped in clay and cook in a furnace. i am not sure they still do that some more.

the restaurant is located at jugra, a small village in banting. when i reach, i thought "this is it? how does it ever get so famous?" the place is pretty run down, there were only about 4 or five tables and the chicken need to be pre-ordered. in case if u want to take away one, sorry they do not have spare. when we reached, there is no other customers. only us. we had begger's chicken, duck and pork leg. all cooked the same way. they all tasted the same initially but the meat texture is different.

the restaurant is located in front of a small temple. for those who are interested can give me a call to get their phone number to pre-order.