Monday, February 25, 2008

open house @ mr ong's

this marks the third year i attend to mr ong's open house. mr ong is the MD of the company i work for. love his bungalow. hope one day i can design and build one of my own. mr ong has been generous enough to lend his place for us to gather annually and to warm up to the staff family members.

click here to view last year's event.

ms chan and calvin's baby boy, irene, angie, me, ms goh, siew siew and april at the dinner table.

mr cheah, teh and yeoh having dinner.

the loh clan


supercute baby

superpose like some movie poster...

wan musa and wan junior

mr and mrs teoh

mr and mrs cheah

annual activity, the finale.

mr and mrs rozi

lighting the firecrackers

ida and children

kamarul, irene and mezy

hou wong ah......

all the leng jais in JPT

ah loh blur blur already

mr ong yum seng with all of us

china girls irene and florence.

all our cups emptied.

looking stoned, april, yau and me

all the leng luis in JPT

part of the teoh clan

"yammmmmmmmmmm seng" yeoh shouting on top of his lungs

florence helping herself to the red wine

everyone getting ready to go home.

Friday, February 22, 2008

chap goh meh @ ms goh's

today marks the last day of the Chinese new year. my colleague ms goh invited us over to her new home in bandar kinrara 6. the interior was nicely done. the furniture was ultra modern and the living room is spacious. the finishes is nice too. too bad the photographer is not a big interior design fan and i didn't bring my camera out.

here are some of the pictures taken by our cameraman, mr ngan. thanks for your effort.

from top left, angie, goh tp, april, hs chan and me.

angie getting a kiss from her girl cheryl.

the girls from first floor, april, hs chan and me

the kids, cheryl, calvin's baby and angie's son, harold

calvin's baby. star of the night, he is just so adorable, so nice to carry. he doesn't cry even though strangers pass him around. click here to view the picture when he was one month old

here is the video of him playing with other kids.

edison apologies

this scandal is so serious. it was widely spread in Chinese community all over the world. this is how the star ended the whole thing. too easy i would say.....but it was unintended and some think he deserves a chance.

another question, why are all the interview after the scandal in english? is is more classier as compared to the whole scandal?

prev home made video, first apology.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

pre holiday tension

tomorrow is chinese new year eve. many has taken early leaves leaving the office half empty.

all worked like zombies due to the anxiety of long holiday coming soon. one had too much mandarin oranges that he actually became and orange himself.

hiak hiak

Happy Chinese New Year

I take this opportunity to wish all my friends and readers (ahem) a very Happy New Year. May you prosper in this coming year of Mickey Mouse. And hope everyone a safe journey home, don't drink and drive, and do not go over the speed limits. Think of your loved ones. (I am starting to sound like TV advertisements)

To those my classmates and schoolmates in Puteri, hope to see all of you in 3rd day of CNY for the Reunion Dinner. Please call Loose aka wei kuen in case if you have not confirm a place with her. All are welcome. No race/gender/sexuality bias!!!

To all my colleagues, see you all again when we start work. We can continue our fav activity in the meeting room after office hour right until. We need practice before the finale in Mr Ong's house on the 15th Day of CNY. All ex-colleagues are welcome back to join the practice sessions.

To my family members, i will join you all on Chor 2, this marks the first year i spend the CNY eve and day with my in laws, my new family after i got married. (Chinese customs!!!) This also mark the first year of me distributing after 27 years of receiving red packets.

those who reads my blog often, i would like to say thank you for being such a fan (ahem). This CNY marks a year since i start blogging. View the first entry here.