Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jumpstarting my blog

It's funny how things turn out sometimes. When i check my adsense account today, i realized my blog generate quite a bit of traffic. For example, on Monday i received about 25 visitors, whom 15 is new and first timers.

Maybe i should give myself a kick in the butt for being lazy and stopped writing for so long.

It have been hectic in the office. sometimes i have a nausea feeling looking at my desk, and mind you i am not expecting yet. currently just kicked off the jalan ipoh casa idaman condominium, there are meetings to attend and site problems to solve. when time comes, everything will be smooth flowing. ( i am keeping my fingers crossed). other than this jalan ipoh project i keep talking about, i have a few bungalow design here and there. nothing to shout about. but in fact bungalows are the hardest to design. you have to study the architecture design left and right, front and back. somehow more artistic and refined.

Company Trip
JPT is going to Cambodia this year for it's annual staff incentive trip. We will be visiting Siam Reap and Phnom Penh. The highlight of the tour is Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders of the world. Honestly, this is the first one i am visiting. second target shall be Great Wall, i think. it's a shame that JPT going to Siam reap as i have bought tickets for the entire family to the same place for October. i guess i have to skip the Family Trip this year.

Married life
there are just so many curious questions from friends. married life is not as different from non-married life, i would say. for me the difference if living with my hubby, and learning his odd daily routines and behavior now. i have my fair share of weird stuff too, like i don't realize i am capable of snoring, until my beloved hubby told me, so shameful. must be killer tired from all the work stress or 'forcing-myself-to-go-work' stress.

most of the weekends are spent with family now. either mine or my husband's. we tried to squeeze some friend-time in between if we can. but honestly we haven't been free since our wedding. it's almost one year now, give another 1.75 months.

2008 is one crazy year for weddings. so many of our friends are getting married, maybe due to the Chinese believes that the number 8 symbolized prosperity. From uniten, Brian, chee wah, kent, chee chia and felix. from the sban girl side, we have sau leng and ivy's engagement. from my hubby's side, there are more.

the trend will last until next year 2009 as 9 symbolized longevity. hehe...everyone wants their marriage to last a lifetime dont' they? ( and also friends are reaching the age 3 0 soon, therefore the rush!!!)