Saturday, June 21, 2008

marriage is a lot of hard work

this is a more personal post to me.

marriage....requires a lot of hard work. as a wife, i have embarked on a journey i didn't know exist. i am not complaining. just sharing my ideas and thoughts.

living alone with your spouse without parents/ parents in law is a big privilege. we have the freedom to express ourselves. (please, what i meant wasn't stuff we do in the bedroom alone!) but it comes with responsibilities. huge ones. financial aside, there are just so many things to take care of. if not, the house will rot/burn down/ eaten by termite.

there is health. i guess we only have each other now. i don't think i will go running home to mummy when i got a flu. we have to take care of each other. eat better, rest more and hopefully more exercise. i hate to nag. i really do. and i hate to control someone. i don't remember when i start this stupid behavior which i condemned so much. i guess i m being selfish. i do not want my hb to get sick. through sickness and health, they say. i don't like the sickness part.

then there is commitment and communications. god created no two person alike. even Siamese twins have their own thoughts. when two person decided to get married, i guess each have committed to mutual understanding, compromise, forgiveness and so fort. this means a lot of gives and takes.

trust and freedom. both words are closely related. both word are big to me. to me this require the most effort. i took the hard way to learn that being married doesn't mean we have to go everywhere in pairs. sometime, i need my space, and vice versa. but how much is too much? at what point shall it be called neglect or abandonment?

expectations. both husband and wife have expectations. i want an ideal husband and my husband wants an ideal wife. i am not perfect, far from being perfect. i can't cook properly, for example. less expectations, less stress, less arguments. ( i learned this the hard way too)

i wish someone who got married and who had experienced all the above give some classes. i am sure there are couple counsellings and stuff. getting your spouse to attend is an issue itself, making the marriage works in another push-a-thread-uphill task.

there is time to hold tight and there is a time to let go.

i need a spa session tomorrow. i guess it's time i let go.......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

congrats pei pei

me, siew ling, loose, yoke may, sau leng and chiew teng.

old convent girls, and i can't remember everyone. how embarrassing.

the wedding album slide show. as usual, pei pei has the most stylish and outstanding hairstyle.

such romantic shot

the champagne opening ceremony. the dinner was entertaining. they hired a live band. something uncommon in Chinese wedding. usually they allow guests to sing karaoke on the stage.

pei pei and hong huat, congratulations and wish u two happiness until old.