Friday, August 29, 2008

last day in JPT

29th August is my last day working in JPT. It never crossed my mind that i would leave this nice company. i made many friends here and had a great learning experience working here.

But i guess i need to move on, for personal growth and more exposure.

with mr teoh, the technical director who taught me a lot

niza, the receptionist

teh teong joo, the neighbour

ibrahim azhar,the new draughtperson

arafat arifin, the joker

irene, faridah and shima


wc loh, chief engineer

with lovely admin staff, siew siew, angie and florence. love u guys....

peter and wee


superman khairul

ida, khairul, fazura

zuraidah and kak ana

wan musa, funny guy

april and ngan

nik hanif

and not forgetting those who are not around in the office for photos, ms chan, yeoh, mr chan and mr cheah.

and those who have left the company before i do, leong, yau, jvlee, calvin, kamarul and wai kit.

and last but not least, the MD, Mr. Ong

thank you guys for the wonderful four years........i love every minute of working with u guys

photos taken on the second last day in the office followed by farewell dinner and the last day in the office.

*special thanks to ngan for all taking all the photos

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

angkor 2008

sunset over angkor. taken from top of bakheng hill

night market at siem reap.

at the angkor wat entrance

100 steps. this is easier they have wooden steps. the original steps is way too steep

good ol' bayon. Buddha themed

having fun posing

angkor wat, very well captured by my colleague, ngan

Cambodian children begging us to buy their handicrafts, some too young to be peddling under the hot sun, without any shoes on. knowing a syndicate is involved by manipulating these children, we try not to buy anything from them.

together gether in angkor. everyone tired from the climbing.

me and april in angkor wat

37 steps to joke.....look it up in wikipedia

naga bridge.

cambodian children.
the bus broke down. we stop in front's of their house. they did not try to sell us anything or beg from us.

the royal palace in phnom penh. looks like the thai palace. actually everything is pretty similar to thai.

we spent 4 days traveling in bus, cracking jokes and making fun of each other.

MD with all the JPt leng luis.....ahem included

time to go home......bye bye cambodia

Thursday, August 14, 2008

P*mp my ride

my vios has been pimped. by non other than my darling la.

this is my car before the pimping. the dual color is due to some a$$hole hit my door and went off. without a note! how dare he/she. i had to repaint it, thus the difference in new/old shades.

another accident. someone bang my a$$ this time. am i a sponge for accident?

taaaahhhhh dahhhhhhh.after 4 weeks in the's a big torture, not having a car in KL.

view from the back. added a new skirt. my vios is officially a layyyydeeee now.....a spoiler is missing......

from the front.....front skirt too

3/4 view. and yeah....side skirts too.

overall, i am very very very happy with the choice of color. and those additional's a treat to the car. i have used it for 5 years with not much care. (sorryla, bz ma)

saw this killer nice spoiler.....hunny! i want this!

2008 vios. a more rounder shape

round front. some says the car is smiling.
"whatcha laughing at eh.....!!"

the back those spoiler....but then again...the light look like waja lights and your color sucks!!!!!!

hehe *happy* *happy*

for more info can call huphong

Monday, August 4, 2008

last month in JPT

august 2008- this marks the last month i will be working in JPT. i have enjoyed my 3-4 years work here. it's almost like college. it feels like i am graduating from one company to another. and of course, my pre-U is EDP, a medium size firm in USJ. haha.

JPT is in Shah Alam. the main reason i made a move is because i cannot stand the commute to work anymore. since fuel has increased drastically i took an initiative to look for other working opportunities, and i got a good offer.

i still have a heavy heart to move on as jpt offers a very comfortable environment to work in. had many happy moments here and learned a lot too, both technically and of course, economically. the MD does not believe that engineers has to stick to just engineering.