Sunday, September 21, 2008

rachelle's melaka wedding dinner

on 14th September, rachelle and yeo got married, the chinese customary way, where the groom is required to pick the bride from her home.

the task wasn't easy as the girls (sisters) will torture the groom and his troupe (because they were clowns that day)

first we ask the guys to stand in a line.

they are required to pass a deck of cards, one by one using only their lips.......i was laughing from ear to ear.

some guys really enjoyed it. hey.....get a room!

when they can't achieve the task in under 2 minutes, we punished them, by combing their hair, center parted, just to make them look ugly.

this guy was near to tears, i bet he spent one hour on his hair earlier that morning.

next, they have to eat durian wasabi ice cream..... and raw garlic bread.

and to the little chicken this time, the whole greenhomes heard our laughter

the sisters' troupe, all in yellow, to mark our unity...

where is hunny? there he is....married to me, so have to be on my side, yellow shirt for u too!!!

we went to melaka for the reception. it was in melaka equtorial.

the beaming bride and groom walking in

their first sweet and dreamy

rachelle in her lovely lacy gown......

this is us after a few drinks

this is us before the drinking, ala miss astro chinese posing......

we had such good fun that have been so long since such complete reunion. chai came back from the US, Sheryl from spore, mic brought her bf from Aus.

hope the next few weddings to be as fun......

*(coming soon, ivy's june 09)

Monday, September 15, 2008

home decor

once in a while my hands get itchy, i redo my home decorating or rearrange the furnitures. old arrangement click here

hb works on saturdays so i have one full day to myself. sometimes i go for long breakfasts with friends. other days, i move the furnitures around. weird right?

there are some new stuffs added. like this angkor wat painting i brought back from Cambodia. i still love my koi fish painting. but this is irresistible when i saw it. mental note to myself "dont buy anymore paintings, no more empty walls"

new shoe rack

wanted this one for so long. but reluctant to spend so much on one, it ranges from RM300-RM1000 depending on the height and material used. i use the top to put knick knacks.

new flowers.

haha. if is's not this, then it will be the cherry blossoms which i bought for chinese new year. ( which was in Feb!)

a new wireless router!

Finally! no more phone lines from the living to the study room. it's a small investment in the name of vanity. (yeah yeah, i know i m outdated and so un-tech-savy)

rachelle's seremban wedding dinner

it's the time of the year again. towards the fourth quarter of the year, wedding bells ring, weekly......haha

one of the many weddings we ( bill and i) were invited to, it's rachelle and yeo's. it's the much anticipated event. rach is my school friend back in primary school, in short, we know each other more than 20 years. let's do a list....

2006- chiew lian and sin
2007- bill and i
2008- sau leng and yeo
2009- ivy and andrew (coming soon...)

rach chose to have two seperate wedding dinners, bride's side at seremban and the groom's side at melaka. the girls are invited to both!! yipee...

the bride and groom walking in, the girls threw confetti by the side

the lovely couple

from left to right, top: me, chiew lian, sook mei,michelle. bottom: loose's niece, siew ling, loose and james

top: greg, me, gary
bot: sheryl, mohan, benny

uv, kai loon, me and chai

friends since primary school
top: chiew teng, li ann, serena, melissa, me, kelly, julie
bot: chai, pei pei, jol dih and annam

it was a lovely dinner and i met up with so many old friends.

congratulations again. see u next week for the main event!

new job new hope

i started my new job on 2nd Sept. i came to this office for interview before and i more or less have lower down my expectations on the working environment. this company started in 1980 and has downsized in recent years, and recently received a few big projects.

this is why i am here for. haha. there is a few reasons for taking this offer actually. firstly, the fuel surcharge and the rising inflation. ask the ah pek at any coffee shop. food (and everything else) has increased 20-30%. the new office is nearer to home, by about half.

the office logo

secondly, i want more exposure, working too long in a firm makes someone lazy. no joke! a lot will disagree but i am sure someone out there may relate to this. the most interesting job scope becomes mundane after repeating for a few years!

the new (temp) desk

i will be replacing a lady engineer in my new firm. she just had a baby and would like babysit and take time off work for a while. there is two floors, two departments one structural and another infra-structure. as usual, i works in the structural dept.

there are 4 engineers, one associate director, head of dept director and the managing director in my floor, and 5 draughtsperson. admin and infra is on the other floor.

i was given my first task ( or first project) on the second day. it's a new project, multi storey service apartment, good news i would say. better than taking over someone's design.

i will be hanging on to this job for a while. it's going to be tough but if things come easy, you will never learn!

Monday, September 1, 2008

i formatted my pc

i thought i can get a good rest over the merdeka weekend. but my laptop decided to act up. surfing is slower than before and hangs after a while. after checking out from a friend, suspected that my pc got infected with spy ware or Trojan.

i quickly copy out all my documents and other personal stuff. who knows, maybe my laptop wont start tomorrow. through all these 15 years of using pc, i only know how to dial to internet and surf. occasionally when work requires, i do some words and spreadsheets. haha, a total bimbo!

i wanted to send my laptop to ngan for formatting. but considering he is now my official EX-colleague, i decided to try to fix it on my own. luckily i got a friend who works for dell support. i managed to catch him online in msn. actually dell laptops comes with OS restore CD and another dvd containing all other drivers. all i need to do is install all of them. actually not all, the one that matches my system. the cd contains drivers for all models. the hard part is figuring out which is required which is not. the click and wait is boring too.

i finally installed all the hardwares. now i need to install all the softwares......another tiring day tomorrow.

but cannot...tomorrow is first day at new office...gosh...reality suddenly hits me....