Saturday, October 25, 2008

scary work day

i witnessed the most scary episode in the office today. one colleague was fired and told to pack immediately......and to make matter worse, the HR was watching as she packed and told her there is no need to clean her desk and drawers. all she has to do is take her personal things.

well.....when i first joined this company i have heard about this lady. the boss even warned me about her during my job interview. how bad can it be, i thought to myself.

apparently she was bossy and like things to be done her way. if you are in a managerial post, you are all entitled. the thing is, she is not, she is merely a draughtperson. by definition, they are CAD operators who draw technical diagrams with the aid of a computer software. engineering firms uses draughtpersons. it's saves engineer's time and trouble getting drawings done.

she loves to comments on the way people work. even engineers'. i have worked with her for 4-5 weeks now and she has given me more stress than the boss himself. not to mention she is not very good at what she is doing but she shows off her previous experience, always 'correcting' other people. i have been an engineer for 5 years. hey i have my experience too. if my method is not wrong, i would prefer to use it, thank you!!

she has argued with almost everyone in the office and caused a stressful environment. other colleagues, me included dare not speak to her, afraid that she might start her politicking and trying to get someone on her side. to be honest, i rather eat lunch alone than to join her, even when other colleagues are in presence.

it's scary! to me, if you are working for someone or some organization, know your place. my previous firm has 'diplomacy' in the year end assessment form. this shows how important it is to get along with both the management and other colleagues in the workplace.

yeah, personalities may differ. when opinions are not the same, people may argue, but there must be a way to compromise. you can't be right all the time, even if you are, there are nicer ways to get the message across. to top it, she is a lady, and a disgrace to working women.

but then again, i learned awfully lot from this incident. if you want to keep your job, DO NOT MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT FOR OTHER PEOPLE!