Saturday, February 28, 2009

how to be frugal

not that i m trying to make anyone depressed, but the economy is really going down south.

i made a few adjustments to my lifestyle and i am sharing with everyone:-

1. i changed my broadband package to 'streamyx combo', took the lowest package which is rm60. my previous package is rm44 for 60 hours, which on top of that i need to pay rm29 for the phone line rental. the savings is not much but i get unlimited access instead of 60 hours monthly.

2. the same for mobile phone, i usually cant finish the talk time, so i downgrade my package. it's also wise to sub the line to spouse. cos it's usually free to call and sms to yr sub line.

3. i cook and eat at home as frequent as i can. my cooking is improving. eating out is limited to weekends.

4. i try not to go too far for lunches or dinners with friends. it sucks but first, i get to save and second, i lower my risk of being robbed or carjacked.

5. i buy clothes from warehouse. FOS is my fav. but i am very choosy. only buy good material. cos some are not that good. rm100 can get me 3 or 4 outfits. i am becoming a warehouse junkie. i also surf and weekly to see if there is anythong interesting, and cheap, of course.

6. i restrained myself from getting a new phone/ PDA. lets see how long i can last. (i failed at my previous obsession, LCD TV!!)

7. for this year, i say no to traveling overseas. it will be more to local trips. i swap timeshares with friends. i m bored with my hotel network, they are bored with theirs, so it's win-win.

and beginning this year, i m managing my finances better.....

8. i put in more money in my study loan repayment. there is this saying 'settle debts before saving'. i try to clear my credit card every month (tried very very hard)

9. i put a small amount into unit trust regularly, to dollar cost average, and it i have more, i will put in more, considering the values is low now. and hoping that it will go up in two to three years.

and for the environment,

10, i try to bring a shopping bag when i am out. i refuse to take a plastic bag if i only buy one or two item. just toss them in the hand bag.

there u go.......10 big steps for the year 2009


Eileen Yong said...

great moves! i'm on rationing at all levels, too ... in short, no spending on redundant things. i'm even itching to cut the credit card ... <.<

King Yeung and Poh Yin said...

Good for you!! time is getting a little tough nowadays. it is good to have some money with us. i am also paying started paying back my study loan last year. and try to clear all my credit card's bill every month too. wouldn't it be nice if we can do away with the credit card??

LancainS said...

i think i saw this on tv ....hmm...opera Winfrey show??? lolx...i can save rm100 for 2 weeks pocket money...haha..keep it up and save the energy...cycle to work instead of fuel and reduce carbon....haha...i learn this from my English lecturer...she already like master or phd of the UK uni...haiz...she owns a kindergarten herself and that where im studying too...