Friday, February 7, 2014


I have been on the watch out for suitable landed house for some time now. Preferably near to our current apartment, since we grew accustomed to the surroundings. With the current inflation in the country, there's no reason to wait anymore. Property prices rise too fast. Was looking at BK4 and BK5, bandar kinrara but the prices are sky high and do not telly with house built-up. After months of searching online, finally came to this unit, at Taman Tempua, big built up at reasonable price. The only catch is, the house is in a relatively bad condition. Wooden window frames are rotting, roof tiles are broken with traces of water leakage, toilets water proofing worn off, floor parquet is also rotting and many other instances not worth mentioning. After some consideration, I still think it's a good buy. There is just endless potential, just have to dump in money for renovations!!!Haha Looks like i am reviving this blog with the renovation journey of our new house we call home.